Wednesday 22 November 2017

Crippled ape sold at chipper

A COUPLE who sold a crippled pet monkey to a pensioner will being sentenced today for causing the animal suffering.

Lee Powell (50) and Julie Ann Jones (41) were convicted last month after a court heard the baby marmoset had bone disease and several fractures.

The four-and-a-half-month-old monkey, named Mikey, was put down by a vet after its injuries were discovered.

Its condition became clear when the 60-year-old woman who bought the animal took it to an exotic pet dealer, who alerted the RSPCA in the West Midlands of Britain.

Powell and Jones sold the pet in a fish and chip shop car park for £650 (¤780) in cash.

Bored workers want new jobs

One in four office workers complain of "chronic boredom", turning to coffee and chocolate to lighten up their day.

People are also more likely to have an alcoholic drink at the end of a boring day, the study of office staff said.

Four out of five of those surveyed by occupational psychologist Sandi Mann said boredom caused them to lose concentration, and led to mistakes.

Around half said being bored at work might lead them to look for a new job.

Mars rover is back on course

Nasa's latest rover to Mars fired all engines to correct its course for a landing in August.

Deep space antennas monitored the one-ton rover nicknamed Curiosity as it fired its thrusters in a three-hour manoeuvre.

"We've completed a big step toward our encounter with Mars," Brian Portock of the Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.

Heart dropped in the street

medics were criticised after they dropped a heart being rushed to a hospital for a transplant.

Mexico City police said they used a helicopter to deliver the heart in "a rapid, precision manoeuvre".

But after exiting the chopper, a medic stumbled and the plastic-wrapped heart tumbled out of a cooler onto the street.

An online commentator said: "Anybody can make a mistake, but with this type of thing you should be careful."

The medic returned the heart to the cooler.

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