Tuesday 22 May 2018

Cox met with rain and misery as she goes wild 'Irish style' with Bear

Johnny McDaid and Courteney Cox in Ireland
Johnny McDaid and Courteney Cox in Ireland
Survivalist Bear Grylls

Courtney Cox checked into a five-star Irish hotel with her Snow Patrol boyfriend - and then swapped it all for howling wind, rain and misery.

Cox, who starred as Monica in the hit '90s sitcom, is filming a survival show with Bear Grylls on the west Kerry peninsula.

"In Ireland as my love Johnny McDaid sends me off into the wilderness for the Bear Grylls show. It's already raining," she said as she set off.


Cox will feature in an Irish edition of the show, which will see the survival expert live in the wild with a different celebrity each week.

It was an early start for Cox yesterday, who left the luxury of Killarney's five-star Hotel Europe and her musician boyfriend McDaid and headed off into miserable conditions.

She was airlifted to an undisclosed location outside Dingle for filming as the heavens opened.

Grylls is famous for documenting his own survival techniques and has resorted to butchering animals and drinking his own urine on camera to survive in the wild.

Dingle has now gone from being "The one where Joey drove a Rolls-Royce" to "The one where Monica lived in the wilderness" in just a matter of months.

Her former co-star Matt LeBlanc filmed an episode of Top Gear in the area earlier this year.

Yesterday locals were joking that Dingle was quickly becoming Ireland's Hollywood.

The next instalment of the Star Wars movie was filmed in the area in May after Mark Hamill and Co had previously worked in the region on The Force Awakens in 2015.

Local councillor Seamus Cosai Fitzgerald said he thinks Hollywood is knocking on the Kingdom's door because of the beautiful scenery in the area.

"It is publicity for our great scenery and that can only be a good thing.

"While she's out in the wilderness on the hills of west Kerry, she won't have any luxury coffee shops or couches here, that's for sure," said Cllr Fitzgerald.


"She won't have any hot baths or showers either. There is plenty of wilderness here. I go hillwalking in the area myself and you can see plenty of stunning scenery."

The councillor said it was a welcome boost to the area and said it would help to promote parts of rural Ireland in international markets.

"It might bring other people in who may not have visited otherwise. Plenty of other areas are regularly filmed so it is great that we are getting a piece of the action now."

Grylls' new show is due to screen for the first time in America on July 11.

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