Tuesday 23 January 2018

Cowardly killer Locke 'as quiet as a mouse' in fear of prison attack

Eric Locke
Eric Locke

Cowardly hotel killer Eric Locke is so afraid of being attacked by fellow inmates he avoids leaving his cell and mixing with other prisoners.

Prison sources said the sick murderer, who assumed a fake identity on Facebook and lured his ex-girlfriend Sonia Blount to a hotel bedroom where he strangled her to death, is keeping a low profile behind bars as he begins his life sentence.

Clondalkin man Locke was found guilty of the murder of Ms Blount the week before last and started prison life in Mountjoy jail.

Now known as prisoner 90392, he was moved in recent days to the Midlands Prison where other notorious killers such as Graham Dwyer and Mark Nash are caged.

"He's as quiet as a mouse. He's keeping to himself and is too scared to leave his cell unless he really has to," said the source.

Locke is avoiding mixing with other inmates for fear of being attacked.

"It will take him a while to get used to the whole prison regime but then again he has all the time in the world now because he got a life sentence," the source added.

The Herald previously revealed how Locke was regarded by prison staff as cold and calculating, with no emotions.

"We're glad to see get his 'L' [lifer] plates," a source said.

Twisted Locke lured Ms Blount to a room in The Plaza Hotel, Tallaght where he killed her. He had admitted causing Ms Blount's death but said he did not mean to kill her and pleaded the defence of diminished responsibility.

A mugshot of his scratched and swollen face shows how much Ms Blount fought for her life.

It is also understood that Locke's arms and legs were covered with carpet burns when he was arrested.


"After Locke initially arrived in Cloverhill Prison, he was medically examined," a source said. "His injuries were consistent with someone with defence wounds one would receive while carrying out an attack of a sexual nature.

"As well as the injuries to his face, he had carpet burns on his arms and legs. Locke refused to discuss the murder with prison officers but he made it clear he believed he was far better than the other inmates."

Following his conviction for murder the Herald revealed that gardai recommended that Locke also be charged with either the sexual assault or rape of the young mum.

However, while the Director of Public Prosecutions decided that Locke be charged with the murder of Ms Blount, prosecutors deemed that there was not enough evidence to charge him with sexual offences.

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