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Youth threatened teen ex's stepfather with a metal bar


Judge said Andile Shange’s threats were ‘horrendous’ (Picture: Mark Condren)

Judge said Andile Shange’s threats were ‘horrendous’ (Picture: Mark Condren)

Judge said Andile Shange’s threats were ‘horrendous’ (Picture: Mark Condren)

A young man threatened to kill his 15-year-old former girlfriend's stepfather while armed with a metal bar.

Andile Shange (21) also said he would bury her mother after the girl broke up with him because her family disapproved of the relationship.

Shange smashed a wing mirror on the stepfather's car with a hurley, causing €70 worth of damage.

The victim told a court sitting he felt "sad and depressed" after the incidents.

A lawyer claimed there was "bad blood" between Shange and the man at the time.

However, Shange has had no contact with the injured parties since the incidents.

Judge David McHugh imposed an 11-month sentence but suspended it for two years after Shange paid €100 for the damage he caused. He was also fined €100.

The defendant, of Rathmore Avenue, Tyrrelstown, had admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to possession of a metal bar on April 8 last year.

Gda Martin Flood previously said Shange arrived at the victim's house armed with an iron bar and threatened to kill him and bury his wife.


He also threatened to "return with a gang and carry out the threats".

Gda Flood said the victim was in fear of Shange following the incident.

The defendant further admitted to damaging a wing mirror at the same address on March 26 last year.

In an impact statement, the victim said the incidents affected him emotionally and left him feeling "sad and depressed".

"I did nothing wrong, and for him to come to my house and frighten me with an iron bar, I felt I did nothing to deserve that. I was always good to him and I never wished him bad", he told the court.

A defence lawyer said there was "bad blood" between Shange and the man.

A state solicitor told the court that the injured party did not approve of the relationship because the girl was only 15 at the time.

The barrister said the incidents were "not an act of malice in isolation".

He said the situation has been resolved because the pair are no longer in a relationship and Shange has no reason to have any more dealings with the family.

Judge McHugh said the threats were "absolutely horrendous stuff".