Saturday 18 January 2020

'You broke my spirit and my soul', woman tells killer who raped her in her own home

Central Criminal Court (Stock photo)
Central Criminal Court (Stock photo)

A convicted murderer has been jailed for 15 years for raping a woman in her home nine years ago.

Andrius Lipinskas (41) repeatedly punched his victim in the head and face and threatened to kill her.

He orally raped her three times, the attack only ending when she bit his penis.

Lipinskas, whose trousers were round his ankles, fell back and the woman, stripped from the waist down, ran into the street then into a neighbouring house.

The Central Criminal Court heard she locked herself in a bedroom. The homeowner believed there was an intruder and called gardai.

Lipinskas, formerly of Bayside Square South, Sutton, pleaded not guilty to three counts of oral rape and one of aggravated sexual assault in August 2010.

After a 12-day trial, a jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts after three hours of deliberations.

Det Gda Carla Creegan told Mr Justice Tony Hunt that Lip- inskas had received a 15-year prison sentence in 1998 for a murder in 1995 in Lithuania.

Mr Justice Hunt said Lip- inskas was highly dangerous and should be excluded from Ireland.

"He shouldn't be here at all," he said.

He suspended the last two-and-a-half years of prison on condition Lipinskas leave the State on his release and not return without leave of the court.


The court heard the woman was entering her home when Lipinskas pushed his way in.

He began punching her and repeatedly told her: "I'm going to f**king kill you and you're going to suck my c**k."

He raped her downstairs, dragged her by her hair and raped her on the stairs. He then dragged her into her bedroom and raped her a third time.

The court heard Lipinskas booked a ferry ticket to France two days after the attack and travelled back to Lithuania.

He was linked to the attack by his DNA on an unsmoked cigarette left at the house and was eventually extradited.

The woman, in her 30s, read a victim impact statement in which she said: "You were the only one who heard me begging, 'Please don't kill me'. I had to beg for my life.

"I prayed and prepared to die. The more I fought, the more aggressive and violent you became."

She said she had spent the past nine years waiting for "this moment", adding: "When I heard the word 'guilty', I felt vindicated."

She became emotional as she told Lipinskas: "You took everything from me. You broke my soul and my spirit. It was like being in a car crash.

"For a long time I wished you did kill me. I thought so many times about ending my life.

"I was degraded, forced to flee my home half-naked, bruised and battered.

"I still have flashbacks nine years later. I haven't had a proper night's sleep in nine years.

"My family had to watch me fall apart. Nobody knew what to do. There was nothing they could have done."

The woman said that the day after the attack, she contacted the Rape Crisis Centre and found it helpful to speak to somebody who understood what she was going through.

"It takes a long time to work through the pain. Inside I was screaming," she added.

She said the last nine years had felt like living in a prison of grief, sadness, fear and anger - "nine years looking over my shoulder".

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