Wednesday 19 September 2018

Woman with 490 convictions 'a nuisance'

Woman with 490 convictions 'a nuisance'
Woman with 490 convictions 'a nuisance'

A SERIAL offender with 490 prior criminal convictions has avoided adding another to her record for "lashing out" at gardai at a cafe for the homeless in central Dublin.

Jennifer Armstrong (39) was arrested for "venting her anger" in the incident, Dublin District Court heard. Judge Michael Walsh dismissed the charges against her under the Probation Act.

Armstrong, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to public drunkenness and causing a breach of the peace at Focus Ireland, Eustace Street on May 12 last.

Sgt Peter Seery told the court the accused was being abusive to staff on the day.

When gardai intervened, she lashed out at them and was arrested.

Defence Solicitor Declan Fahy said Armstrong should have moved on when the cafe staff asked her to.

She was in custody for two days after her arrest.

Medical attention had been recommended for her on a previous court date.

Mr Fahy said her extensive criminal record was "on the scale of being an incorrigible nuisance".

Judge Walsh noted that the cafe was a place where homeless people convene and get comfort.

He asked the accused if she was sorry for lashing out at the gardai.

"I am, sir," she replied.

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