Monday 22 January 2018

Woman who threw knife at busker jailed

A DRUNKEN woman who flung a knife at a Temple Bar busker, hurled abuse at tourists and punched an innocent bystander in the face has been jailed for two months.

Christine Kiely (50) was jailed following a series of violent, alcohol-fuelled incidents in major shopping and tourist districts of Dublin city centre.

Dublin District Court heard she had developed a drink problem while in an abusive relationship and ended up missing her own sister's funeral because she was in jail.

Judge Timothy Lucey sentenced her after hearing the musician was not hit by the dinner knife she threw at him.

Kiely, with an address at the Santa Maria Hostel, Morning Star Avenue, Dublin 7, admitted charges of assault, possession of a weapon, public drunkenness, breach of the peace and failing to obey gardai in several separate incidents.

She had 124 previous convictions for similar offences.


Garda Sheanagh Carroll told the court gardai asked the defendant to stop drinking in public on Grafton Street at 2.30pm on March 27. She became highly agitated and aggressive and was arrested.

Gardai on patrol also at Grafton Street at 4.45pm on May 16 arrested Kiely for shouting at tourists while drinking from a can of beer. She was "highly abusive to gardai and members of the public".

At 5pm on May 31, Kiely was seen causing a disturbance in Temple Bar Square.

"She was acting in an abusive manner towards a musician, she had a dinner knife in her right hand and threw it at the musician", Garda Carroll said.

The man was not struck or injured and the accused was arrested.

"She has had a very bad drink problem for the last four to five years", Emer O'Sullivan, defending, said. "She was in an abusive relationship that has since broken down, but her addiction hasn't."


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