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Woman 'who could never say no' jailed for €4k shoplifting


Andrea Lyons was ‘encouraged and enabled’ by accomplices

Andrea Lyons was ‘encouraged and enabled’ by accomplices

Andrea Lyons was ‘encouraged and enabled’ by accomplices

A young woman who took part in a shoplifting gang's crime spree had been pressured by her accomplices and could "never say no", a court heard.

Andrea Lyons (22) was stealing to clear thousands of euro of drug debts she had run up from taking cocaine and tablets after breaking up with her fiance.

She was also caught driving for friends who were intoxicated while she was uninsured and already banned.

Jailing her for 16 months, Judge John Hughes said she had a "cavalier attitude" to theft and had been involved in shoplifting on a "serious scale".

He suspended another four months and banned her from driving for seven years.

Lyons, of Bunratty Road, Coolock, pleaded guilty to multiple theft and motoring charges.

Dublin District Court heard she was involved in thefts of more than €4,000 worth of cosmetics, perfumes and toys.

One incident involved the theft of €2,315 worth of cosmetics from Boots in Donaghmede last April.


Up to five people were involved in a joint enterprise, and the court heard this was a "recurr- ing theme".

Lyons was one of three women stopped last May 18 for stealing €411 of cosmetics from Lloyds Pharmacy, Northside Shopping Centre, Coolock.

Last June 13, she was one of three women who went to Boots, The Pavilions, Swords, and put €2,020 of fragrances in bags in the course of 10 minutes.

On one occasion when she was stopped while driving, stolen goods worth €427 were in the back of the car, hidden in a baby's buggy.

Lyons had 13 previous convictions, including seven for theft.

The crimes were all committed with either friends or family members who were older than the accused, defence solicitor Leonard Leader said.

Her peer group was "well acquainted" with Lyons' drug habit and they were her "en-ablers and encouragers".

Lyons would be asked to drive when they were intoxicated or did not want to drive and "Andrea will never say no", Mr Leader said.

Recognisances were fixed in the event of an appeal.