Monday 20 November 2017

Woman has to face trio in gang rape trial ordeal

Three men have gone on trial accused of gang-raping a woman at her Monaghan home after her boyfriend was beaten unconscious.

It is alleged the boyfriend was assaulted several times before the victim was locked in a wardrobe and then taken out and raped by each of the three accused. They and the alleged victims are all foreign nationals living in Ireland.

During her evidence at the Central Criminal Court, the woman was ordered to stand in front of the accused as they sat in the witness box and identify them.

She identified two of the men as being in the house at the time but said she didn't recognise the third.

The first named accused (28), who also lived in the house at the time, is alleged to have falsely imprisoned the woman, to have raped her and assaulted her and her partner.

The second accused (20) is accused of assaulting the couple, falsely imprisoning the woman and raping her.

The third accused (20) is accused of raping her.

The alleged attacks took place between November 15 and November 19, 2010. All three accused have pleaded not guilty.

Opening the case for the prosecution, Conor Devally said the couple moved into the house with one of the accused, but that relations between them quickly deteriorated.

He said there was a "hostile, intimidating and bullying atmosphere" in the house and the male complainant was attacked several times


Mr Devally told the jury it would hear evidence the first accused took some friends back to the house in the early hours of November 19 and the woman and man were attacked.

The violence escalated and the woman was thrown in a wardrobe and kept there for a short time.

She was then allegedly taken downstairs and raped by all three.

Afterwards, she went back upstairs to her husband and the gardai were alerted.

Speaking through an interpreter, the woman told Mr Devally that the first accused was angry because she had hidden a bottle of alcohol from him.

The woman is due to finish her evidence on Monday.


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