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Woman attacked her sister-in-law at home


Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

A MOTHER-of-two walked into her sister-in-law's home and attacked her following a rift between the pair over "disparaging e-mails" the victim had sent.

Aisling Healy (34) went "berserk" and kicked and struck her sister-in-law Sandra Healy during the incident.

Ms Healy, of Mount Symon Crescent, Clonsilla, pleaded not guilty to assault and trespass at Windmill Court, Blanchardstown on August 23, 2014

Judge Patrick Clyne found her guilty but applied the Probation Act, leaving her without convictions.

He said it was "one of the unhappiest cases" he had ever dealt with and it was "crazy the family was divided in two in this way".

Sandra Healy told the court she was hoovering a bedroom when she felt a tug at her back, turned around and it was the accused, who is married to her brother.

Aisling Healy kicked and hit her and the victim said she got the accused down on the bed, then called for her partner Paddy O'Neill.

The accused was screaming "I'm going to kill you", she said.

Mr O'Neill held the accused's hands and Sandra Healy called the gardai.

The accused asked: "Why does everybody hate me?", as Mr O'Neill walked her out. There was a cut on the victim's face.

In cross-examination, Sandra Healy told defence solicitor Peter Connolly she had held the accused down by the chest. She denied she and Mr O'Neill put their hands around her neck.

She accepted she had sent "disparaging emails" about the accused's character to a friend.

Mr O'Neill said the defendant was "going berserk".

Aisling Healy claimed she went to the apartment to "try to sort things out". The window was open and she claimed she heard Sandra Healy say "come in".

She alleged her sister-in-law pushed her onto the bed and put her hands around her neck. She said she kicked back and asked to be let out.