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Wheelchair man must attend court or pack pyjamas for jail


Judge told Daniel McDermott he had ‘dodged a bullet’

Judge told Daniel McDermott he had ‘dodged a bullet’

Judge told Daniel McDermott he had ‘dodged a bullet’

An alleged shoplifter and public order offender has been granted bail after a court heard he was a wheelchair user and would be a "burden on the State" if put in prison.

Daniel McDermott (35) was told by a judge he had "dodged a bullet" by not being remanded in custody, but if he failed to turn up in court and was arrested he should bring his "pyjamas and toothbrush" for jail.

Mr McDermott, of Markievicz House, Dublin 2, is accused of shoplifting, damaging property and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour at Dealz on Thomas Street last September 10.

He is also charged with another breach of the peace and begging at Johnson Court, Dublin 2, last November 5.

The prosecuting garda told Dublin District Court that after he stopped the accused in Dublin city centre he found six bench warrants issued for his arrest last year and another three this year.


The latest three were in one case alone, he told Judge Alan Mitchell.

Applying for bail, defence solicitor Tony Collier said the accused had health problems that resulted in difficulties with his legs.

"Given the situation we find ourselves in, it might be a burden on the State to manage his medical needs if he is in Cloverhill Prison," Mr Collier said.

He said there was nothing "particularly menacing" alleged against his client.

"I don't think the prison authorities will thank me for sending someone so immobile into custody," the judge said.

He granted bail and adjourned the case.

The judge warned Mr McDermott that if he did not turn up again, "be prepared to bring your pyjamas and toothbrush" as he would be going to prison.