Wednesday 19 December 2018

Warrants for pals accused of posing as gardai in video

Corrie Grimes
Corrie Grimes

Warrants have been issued for the arrest of two friends who are accused of impersonating gardai while holding a man in a car for a bogus drugs search.

Dean Parkes (23) and Corrie Grimes (20) did not return to court mid-trial and a judge issued bench warrants.

The pair were prosecuted after a video allegedly showing them pretending to be gardai popped up on a serving officer's Facebook news feed.

They denied the charges and their case was heard in part at Dublin District Court.

It was adjourned for several months, but when it came back before the courts for continued evidence neither accused appeared.

Previously during the trial, the court heard that a garda sergeant investigated the video after he was alerted to it on his own page on the social media site.

It is alleged that Mr Parkes filmed the video from the passenger seat of the car while Mr Grimes was driving.

According to the prosecution, the pair had picked up a man in the north inner city, told him he was under arrest and "interrogated" him before dropping him off in a nearby street.


Mr Parkes allegedly then uploaded the video to his Facebook public profile.

The accused are both charged with falsely imprisoning Darren Osborne and making a statement or committing an act to suggest they were gardai.

Dean Parkes
Dean Parkes

The offences are alleged to have happened in Sheriff Street on December 20, 2015.

Mr Grimes, of Ferryman's Crossing, Seville Place, and Mr Parkes, of Montpelier Park, Infirmary Road, both denied the charges.

Gda Sgt John Egan told the court the video appeared on his own feed. When he clicked on it, it came up on the account of a Dean Parkes.

The video purported to show two men impersonating gardai, telling a man who appeared to be a drug user that he was being subjected to a search and was being taken to Store Street station, Sgt Egan said.

He downloaded it and gave the DVD to another garda for identification of the people in the video.

The accused's homes were searched and Mr Parkes was arrested. Mr Grimes later presented himself at a garda station.

In cross-examination, Sgt Egan accepted there could be another Dean Parkes. Mr Parkes' face was not visible in the video, but Sgt Egan said he recognised the voice.

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