Saturday 18 November 2017

US archaeologist who claimed he was a nervous flyer arrested after shouting drunken profanities at other passengers

Dublin Airport: File picture
Dublin Airport: File picture

A US archaeologist was arrested after he disrupted a flight to Dublin by shouting drunken profanities at other passengers.

Matthew Dames (33) was a “nervous flyer” and had taken sleeping tablets and drunk three glasses of wine before the incident which happened 90 minutes after take-off.

Judge Hugh O’Donnell left him without a criminal record when he made a charity donation of €750 at Dublin District Court.

The court heard American Airlines flight AA290 was en route from New York to Dublin on September 15.

Ninety minutes into the flight, Dames became aggressive and abusive and began shouting profanities while in his seat.

Cabin crew asked him to desist and tried to calm him down, but he failed to do so and was taken to the back of the plane where he was restrained.

Two passengers had to assist the stewards.


When the plane landed in Dublin, airport police were called and took Dames into cus-

tody, where he was arrested by gardai.

Defence solicitor Tony Collier told the court Dames had no memory of the incident.

He said it was caused by an unexplained reaction to

the sleeping tablets.

The defendant had flown to Ireland with his girlfriend and was due to embark on a trip around Europe, he said.

Dames, of Atlantic City, New Jersey, pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour and being intoxicated on board a flight.

He was granted bail until his case was finalised.

Judge O’Donnell then struck the charges out after Dames paid the charity donation.

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