Saturday 16 December 2017

Training boss stole woman's €55,000 compo

A manager of a State-owned training centre defrauded a woman in his care of €55,000 to pay off debts, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court has heard.

Brendan Madden, a manger at Thomas Court Centre, a FAS specialist training provider, deceived Monica Duignam into giving him over half of compensation money she had received from an incident.

Madden (44) of The Park, Liffey Hall, Newbridge in Kildare pleaded guilty to dishonestly withdrawing €30,000 from Ms Duignam's AIB account on November 5, 2007. He also pleaded guilty to dishonestly withdrawing €25,000 from the same account on June 16, 2008.

Madden, who has no previous convictions, was sentenced to two and a half years by Judge Martin Nolan.

Garda Tara Dolan told prosecuting counsel, Kerida Naidoo that Ms Duignam was training as a kitchen staff member at the centre and Madden was assigned as her key worker.

He was aware she had received €100,000 in compensation and told her he was in financial difficulties.

She agreed to loan him €30,000 which he was to pay back €250 every two weeks.


"He made some repayments but then they stopped," said Garda Dolan.

A year later, he approached Ms Duignam again and told her his sister was involved in investment. He gave Ms Duignam fraudulent investment documents and managed to coax €25,000 out of her and told her she would get €33,000 in return for her money.

"She never got any money back and the capital sums were never recovered," said Garda Dolan. Ms Duignam's family discovered her compensation money was missing and she told them she had lent over half of it to Madden.

Her family reported it to gardai and Madden was arrested and made full admissions.

"He felt ashamed and was in a lot of debt as he got caught up in the Celtic Tiger and was living way beyond his means," said defence counsel Luigi Rea.

"He realises the seriousness of what he did and he is on anti-depressants."

Mr Rea said Madden hid the extent of the fraud from his wife, telling her the money had come from a finance company.

Judge Nolan remarked that Madden "was in a position of trust and he took advantage of this woman who was in his care".


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