Wednesday 20 February 2019

Three deny assault with weapons in row at apartments

Natasha Flood is pleading not guilty to assault causing harm
Natasha Flood is pleading not guilty to assault causing harm

Two women and a man have pleaded not guilty to producing weapons while assaulting and injuring people during a violent dispute at a Dublin apartment complex.

One of the women is alleged to have had a baseball bat and the second a wheel brace, while the man is accused of having a hammer during the assaults.

Their cases were adjourned for hearing on a later date at Dublin District Court.

The charges all relate to an incident at Larch Hill Apartments in Santry on June 10 last year.

Natasha Flood (27), of The Court, Larch Hill, Santry; Janet Flood (51), of Kilbarron Road, Kilmore West; and Dillon McDonald, of The Square, Larch Hill, are all pleading not guilty to assault causing harm to a man and a woman.


Natasha Flood is further charged with producing a baseball bat in the course of a dispute, while Janet Flood is charged with producing a wheel brace and Mr McDonald is alleged to have produced a hammer. They are also denying these charges.

Judge Kathryn Hutton adjourned the trial shortly before it was due to begin when a number of legal issues arose.

Defence solicitor Chris Horrigan said he was seeking time to call a witness in the case.

State solicitor Edward Flynn did not object to an adjournment, saying the prosecution did not want the defence to feel at a disadvantage.

The court heard the case involved a large number of witnesses and would take one day. There was no CCTV evidence available.

Janet Flood
Janet Flood

All the charges related to the same incident.

Dillon McDonald
Dillon McDonald

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