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Thieving addict is embarrassed, fed up with behaviour


Kevin Fitzpatrick ‘has tried hard to beat his drug addiction’

Kevin Fitzpatrick ‘has tried hard to beat his drug addiction’

Kevin Fitzpatrick ‘has tried hard to beat his drug addiction’

A serial shoplifter who was stealing to feed a drug addiction told gardai he was "embarrassed and fed up" with his behaviour.

Kevin Fitzpatrick (44) had tried repeatedly to beat his addiction, and told gardai on arrest he "just didn't seem to be able to get out of this addiction".

Fitzpatrick has since completed a residential course with the Camino Network and was volunteering with the service.

He was completely clean and "hopeful" about the future, Blanchardstown District Court heard.

Judge Paula Murphy ordered urine analysis and adjourned sentencing to a date in May.

The defendant, of Parslickstown Green, Mulhuddart, had admitted to a series of thefts.

Sgt Geraldine McManigan said Fitzpatrick took four bottles of aftershave worth €348 from Debenhams on Nov- ember 10, 2017.

He also stole bottles of whiskey worth €274 from SuperValu in Tyrrelstown on December 27, 2017, and returned to the shop three days later and stole five more bottles of whiskey worth €165.


Fitzpatrick took 12 trays of Ferrero Rocher worth €131 from Spar in Mulhuddart on January 27 last year and numerous jars of coffee worth €90 from Centra, Huntstown, last April 10.

Sgt McManigan said some of the property was recovered in a resaleable condition, but in a number of cases Fitzpatrick was only later identified as the culprit from CCTV footage and the goods were not recovered.

The court heard Fitzpatrick had 36 previous convictions, mostly for theft-related matters.

Defence solicitor Damien Coffey said his client had batt-led addictions from an early age and had tried very hard to rehabilitate himself.

Mr Coffey said the defendant had four children and enjoyed their support, and that of his partner, who worked in addiction support.

Mr Coffey said Fitzpatrick cannot even remember some of the thefts.

The defendant had been clean of drugs, but these matters arose during a short period when he "slipped", the court heard.