Wednesday 26 September 2018

Thief threatened to assault officer with bicycle pump

Jonathan Rooney
Jonathan Rooney

A new dad threatened to assault a garda with a bicycle pump after challenging the officer to "arrest him" in an incident near his home.

Separately, Jonathan Rooney (22) snatched a woman's mobile phone from her hand as she stood outside a nightclub because he "needed money for the baby".

Rooney, of The Kiln, Railway Street, Dublin 1, pleaded guilty to public order and theft charges. Judge Bryan Smyth jailed him for six months.

Gda Michael O'Brien told Dublin District Court he was on Railway Street last October 12 dealing with an unrelated car break-in.

The accused, who was not involved, approached the garda, shouting aggressively.

"You f***ing rats, you f***ing knackers, I don't give a f***, arrest me," he told the garda.

The officer tried to calm Rooney down but he continued to "mouth off" and threatened to smash up the car.


He then went to his bicycle, got a pump and threatened to assault the garda with it.

A large crowd had gathered and the garda withdrew. The accused was later charged with breach of the peace.

Gda Shona Moran said she was on beat patrol on Sean McDermott Street on August 12 last year when she saw Rooney on his bike with a group of males. He had a pair of stolen Nike shorts and was arrested.

On May 30, a woman was standing outside Fibber Magee's on Parnell Street when Rooney cycled past, snatching a mobile phone from her hands. It was never recovered.

When interviewed, he said he had recently become a father and needed money for the new baby.

On July 24, Rooney cycled past a man at a bus stop at Summerhill and grabbed his phone. He had 28 previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Tony Collier said Rooney's offending had "tapered off" and he seemed to have a "new degree of maturity".

Bail terms were set in the event of an appeal.

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