Wednesday 13 December 2017

Teen sped off at over 100kph to give garda the slip

A TEENAGER took off at high speed along a narrow country lane when he came across an unmarked patrol car which was on routine patrol in the area, a court heard.

Michael Maughan (18) was driving at speeds in excess of 100kph on a laneway up the Dublin mountains, taking blind corners at high speed.

A garda said she pursued Maughan for a short distance but halted the chase because it was too dangerous and she feared an oncoming motorist or pedestrian could be killed.

Judge Michael Coghlan ordered a probation report and adjourned sentencing until January.

Maughan, of Hazel Hill in Tallaght, was found guilty before Tallaght District Court of dangerous driving and using a stolen vehicle.


Detective Garda Pauline Glennon said she was on routine mobile patrol along Meegan's Lane in Tallaght when she received a report that a silver Audi TT had been stolen.

Garda Glennon said she was driving along the lane, which is a country road, when a car came out of a farm entrance at the top of the lane.

The car stopped when it saw a second car on the lane, and Garda Glennon said she recognised the driver as Maughan.

She said she recognised the car as the stolen Audi TT.

When Maughan realised he had stopped for an unmarked patrol car, Garda Glennon said he drove off at high speed.

Garda Glennon said she activated the blue lights and siren, indicating for Maughan to stop, but that he sped away.

The garda said she was driving at 100kph but Maughan was driving faster.

Garda Glennon said the laneway is narrow with grassy banks on either side, there is only room for one vehicle on the lane and there are a number of blind corners.

She said she halted the pursuit as it was too dangerous, and she feared for oncoming motorists. In his evidence, Maughan denied he was driving the car, saying it was a case of mistaken identity.

Judge Coghlan found Maughan guilty and ordered a probation report prior to sentencing.


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