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Teen gets four years for vicious cab attack

A young man who was involved in the violent robbery of a taxi driver has been jailed for four years.

Daniel Delaney (19), of Mariners Port, Sheriff Street, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to robbery of a mobile phone, wallet and cash at Lisburn Street on October 13, 2011.

Garda Maria Harmon told Karen O'Connor, prosecuting, that on that night taxi driver Balbir Singh had picked up Delaney and two other men in the city centre.

At the end of the journey Delaney reached across the driver to take the car keys from the ignition.


The victim managed to press the panic button on his taxi radio and tell his radio base that he was in trouble.

Garda Harmon said that Delaney was holding the driver tight into his seat by the seat belt while another passenger got out and went to the driver's side window.

This man, who is also before the courts, punched the victim. The third man told the others to stop and then left the scene.

Mr Singh managed to get out of the car and Delaney drove off in the taxi. The pair were later arrested near Clontarf.

Delaney told gardai: "I'm very sorry. It was an awful act."