Wednesday 13 December 2017

Teen cleared of attacking young boy with discarded toothbrush

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A teenager who was accused of attacking a younger boy with an old toothbrush, leaving his mouth bleeding, has had the case against him dismissed.

The alleged victim told a court the accused (16) had tried to put the discarded toothbrush up his bottom before putting it in his mouth and brushing his teeth with it, leaving him "pumping blood".

The incident allegedly happened while he was out playing on a Co Wicklow housing estate,

However, he became upset while giving evidence via video link and Judge David Kennedy dismissed the case when he could not proceed. The defendant had pleaded not guilty to assault causing harm.

Dublin District Court heard the incident was reported to have happened on May 27, 2015, when the accused was 15.

The alleged victim said the teenager first kicked his hand, before taking his bicycle helmet and striking him on his genitalia and all over his body.

"I felt awful; I felt like I was in danger," the boy said. He added the accused then rode his cycle over his legs, leaving tyre marks on them.


He added: "He picked up a toothbrush and tried to put it up my bum and in my ear and brushed my teeth with it.

"I managed to get away and run. I was pumping blood from my mouth and I had a nose bleed."

The teenager called him an "effing s**t", "fat" and "an idiot and a wimp", the boy alleged.

"I stayed in the house for about two weeks, I couldn't go out, I was so scared," he added.

In cross-examination, defence barrister Justin McQuade said it was the first time a kick had been mentioned.

"I might have forgotten to put that in," the boy said.

Mr McQuade said the boy had told gardai the accused actually "put the toothbrush up his bottom" and it had felt sore.

He had denied anal penetration to a doctor in hospital, Mr McQuade said.

The boy told the court his shorts did not come down but "almost went up my bum".

He said the accused "tried" to stick the toothbrush up.

The boy asked for a break and was unable to resume cross-examination.

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