Wednesday 13 December 2017

Taximan says his neighbour thumped him

DISPUTE: Accused denies assault

A TAXI driver has claimed his neighbour pulled him by the shirt into his own front garden and repeatedly thumped him on his face and head.

Jimmy Madden (42) allegedly left Patrick Nugent with two black eyes, a bruised nose and blood running down his face.

It was alleged there was bad blood between the Nugent and Madden families after Mr Nugent and the defendant's brother, Thomas, were involved in a "brawl" over his pigeons.

The defendant claimed he got into a tussle with Mr Nugent after the alleged victim grabbed another brother, Brendan, in a stranglehold and held his thumbs to his throat to subdue him.

Madden's co-accused, his brother Brendan (44), was not in court -- a bench warrant was previously issued for his arrest.

The defendant, of St Anne's Square, Portmarnock, denied seriously assaulting his neighbour, Patrick Nugent, shortly before 8.20pm on February 28.

Mr Nugent told Swords District Court he was watching TV with his wife Bridget when there was a knock on the door. She answered and he could hear Jimmy Madden shouting "tell him to get out here", and "he's hiding behind his wife".

Mr Nugent said he went out to the front door and Madden grabbed him and pulled him into the front garden. He said the defendant repeatedly "thumped" him from behind, shouting "you f**king b*****d".

He said Madden was "frenzied" and he thought he was going to die. He ended up on the ground on top of Brendan Madden and put his thumbs to his neck to subdue him.

Mr Nugent said Jimmy Madden jumped on top of him, and kept punching him.

In cross-examination, Mr Nugent denied he took a baton out of his taxi and tried to hit Brendan Madden, causing Jimmy Madden to go to his defence. He also denied he wrestled Brendan Madden to the ground and held him in a choking hold. The case continues.


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