Sunday 19 January 2020

Student on 12 pubs of Christmas crawl butted man in face

Luke Tormey had drunk five pints of beer before the incident
Luke Tormey had drunk five pints of beer before the incident

A "12 pubs of Christmas" reveller chased another young man following a row then punched and headbutted him in the face when he took refuge in a bar.

Luke Tormey (21) had drunk five pints when he got involved in the row and attacked the victim, leaving him with facial injuries.

Judge John Hughes said ass-aults like this were becoming all too frequent in Dublin city centre, and adjourned the case for a restorative justice report.

Tormey, of Brookhaven Lawn, Blanchardstown, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to a man at Kennedy's Pub and Station on Westland Row.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to the scene after midnight on December 20, 2017. The victim told gardai he ran into the pub after a row and two men followed him in and assaulted him.

Tormey, who was 19 at the time, was one of the two, and he was seen on CCTV hitting the victim once with his fist and headbutting him.


While a medical report detailed a sequence of injuries to the victim, including to his ribs and head, not all were attributed to Tormey, the court heard.

The victim had also been assaulted earlier.

The injuries attributed to Tormey were abrasions to his nose and cheek, the court heard.

He was taken by gardai to a large group of people and identified who had assaulted him.

There were around 10 youths involved and they were on a "12 pubs of Christmas" event, the garda said.

Tormey had no previous convictions.

The accused had drunk five pints of beer, which was a lot for him at the time, his solicitor Andrew Broderick said.

He lost control of his actions because of adrenaline, Mr Broderick said, adding that it was an isolated incident.

Tormey, who had €1,000 in compensation to offer, was studying for a computer science degree and had his "whole life ahead of him", his lawyer said.

Judge Hughes said it would be difficult to disentangle Tormey's involvement from that of other unidentified people, apart from the punch and headbutt.

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