Friday 18 October 2019

Student injured in bar row over toilet settles court action

Sophie Beardmore was thrown out of Dicey’s Garden Bar
Sophie Beardmore was thrown out of Dicey’s Garden Bar

A woman who claimed she fractured her finger when she was thrown out of a bar after her friend asked to use the toilets has settled a High Court action.

Sophie Beardmore (23) had sued Senture Security, of Citywest, Dublin, which has since gone into liquidation, and Triglen Holdings, trading as Dicey's Garden Bar, of Harcourt Street, Dublin, claiming she was unlawfully assaulted on May 19, 2015.

Her counsel, Michael Byrne, said there was "an unbelievable over-reaction" when there was a "jostle" with a security man at Dicey's and Ms Beardmore was grabbed and thrown out.

The business student, of Redford Park, Greystones, Co Wicklow, suffered a fracture and the index finger on her left hand was in a splint for weeks, counsel said.

She was left hampered while doing some tasks such as writing and washing her hair.


Ms Beardmore claimed there was an alleged failure to take any reasonable care to see she was safe while lawfully a visitor and patron.

There was also an alleged failure to provide properly qualified or trained security personnel.

Triglen Holdings had denied the claims, saying the security company was properly retained and if Ms Beardmore had been assaulted it was not by any staff of Triglen or Dicey's.

Following talks, Mr Justice Anthony Barr was told the case had been settled.

The court had heard earlier that Ms Beardmore and her friend had gone to Dicey's and had a pint of cider each and shared another pint.

Her friend needed to go to the toilet but they were not allowed to use the one in the smoking area and went to another.

When they went to the other toilet, they were told to go back to the one in the smoking area, Mr Byrne said.

They asked again to use the toilet but there was a jostle and other security people quickly descended on the two women.

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