Monday 11 December 2017

Student awarded €27k for 'Blind man's bluff' injury

The mother of the injured student, Geraldine McDonagh (Courtpix)
The mother of the injured student, Geraldine McDonagh (Courtpix)

A student who suffered two black eyes and a deviation of his nose while playing 'blind man's bluff' in an adventure centre, has been awarded €27,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

Barrister Caroline Williams told the court the incident happened in October 2012 as Anthony McDonagh was blindfolded for the purpose of an activity at Carlingford Adventure Centre, Tholsel St, Carlingford, Co Louth.


Ms Williams said Anthony (17) collided with a tree while he was playing and suffered two black eyes and a laceration to his nose, which was deviated.

The court was told Anthony was taken to the A&E department of Tallaght Hospital, Dublin, where he underwent minor surgery under general anaesthetics.

Mr Justice Raymond Groarke yesterday heard that, since the incident, Anthony suffered nasal congestion and his wound had left a lump on his nose.

Through his mother Geraldine McDonagh, Anthony - of Castlebrook, Newcastle Road, Rathcoole, Co Dublin - sued Carlingford Adventure Centre Ltd for negligence.

Ms Williams said the defendant had accepted an assessment of the damages at €27,133 made by the Personal Injuries Assessment Board, and she recommended acceptance of it to the court. Judge Groarke, hearing that Anthony will require cosmetic surgery to his nose, accepted the settlement offer.

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