Friday 17 November 2017

Stepdad chased boy up street and made throat-cutting sign

A STEPFATHER terrified his 14-year-old stepson by chasing him up the street after making a "throat-cutting" gesture to the boy's older sister in a "chaotic" family row in a south Dublin estate, a court heard.

The accused (43) motioned to his teenage stepdaughter to come outside "for a fight", during a confrontation, leaving her mother suffering from such a severe panic attack she had to be hospitalised.

When he saw his stepson on a street later on, he ran after him, threatening to "get" him until the boy hid in a chip shop.

The man was found guilty of breaching a safety order his estranged wife had taken out against him.

He had denied the charge in a hearing at Dublin District Court, insisting he had "always been a good stepfather" and had never harmed anyone.

Judge John O'Neill adjourned the case against him for review in December, when the safety order taken out against him will still be in force.

The court heard the incident happened on September 18 last. The woman said the accused and his own teenage daughter were passing a house she was in when the defendant's daughter "stormed" up. "She was roaring that I was dead and making suggestions to slice my throat," the defendant's wife said.

The woman then developed a stress-related illness and had to be taken away by ambulance.

The boy told the court he arrived to see his mother on the ground at the ambulance and he got "an awful fright".

Later on, he was walking with friends when the accused ran after him, shouting abusive language. He alleged that he heard the defendant's daughter say: "I'll put you in the grave after your mother."

The accused denied saying or doing anything abusive in either incident.

Judge John O'Neill found him guilty and adjourned the case for a year.


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