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Stab trial wife was not insane jury hears

A WOMAN accused of murdering her husband by stabbing him over 60 times was not insane at the time, the Central Criminal Court heard.

Yesterday, the defence called a psychiatrist to give evidence at the trial of Tanya Doyle, who admits killing Paul Byrne but denies murdering him.

Doyle (40) of Pairc Gleann Trasna, Aylesbury, Tallaght has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Byrne (48) at that address on September 4, 2009.

Brendan Grehan, defending, told the jury at the start of the trial that it was admitted his client alone killed Mr Byrne and the issue in the trial would be Doyle's mental state at the time of the stabbing.

Dr Paul O'Connell, a consultant psychiatrist from the Central Mental Hospital, told the jury he was asked for an expert opinion on Doyle and read medical reports, the book of evidence and listened to a 999 call.

He said his initial opinion was that the accused suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was insane at the time she killed her husband.

But he said he revised that opinion because he said it was clear Doyle knew what she was doing at the time of the killing. However, the psychiatrist said Doyle suffers from schizoaffective disorder and her responsibility would be diminished at the time of the killing.

At the time of the killing she was having delusions and believed her husband was part of a conspiracy, he said.

Dr O'Connell said Doyle believed men had attacked her, put gas into her house and put telescopic lenses into her eyes that connect to the internet.

He said he listened to the eight-minute 999 call which Mr Byrne made while his wife was attacking him.


Dr O'Connell said during that call Doyle, who could be heard in the background, had delusional beliefs about her eyes.

The court was told Doyle had epilepsy since she was 11 and had been taking medication for that as well as anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs.

Dr O'Connell said that she admitted stabbing her husband twice in the abdomen after visiting Stringfellows nightclub when her husband went off with a lap dancer in 2006.

He said she also held the belief that her husband had visited a prostitute in Amsterdam.