Saturday 22 September 2018

St Patrick's Day drunk slapped boyfriend in face

Kelly Kinsella (23) has a number of previous convictions
Kelly Kinsella (23) has a number of previous convictions

A young woman slapped her boyfriend in the face when gardai told her to move off the Liffey boardwalk while she was out celebrating on St Patrick's Day, a court heard.

Kelly Kinsella (23) was among a group of drunken people who refused to move on when gardai ordered them to.

She had been out drinking before walking into the city centre and her boyfriend was trying to make her obey the garda's orders.

Judge John Lindsay dismissed the case, leaving Kinsella without convictions after she admitted public order offences in the episode.

Kinsella, with an address at Sean McDermott Street in the north inner city, pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour with intent to cause a breach of the peace.

She also admitted failing to obey garda directions.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at 10.30pm at the boardwalk at Bachelor's Walk on March 17.

Kinsella was among a large group of intoxicated people, a garda witness said.

Officers told the group of revellers to move on and leave the area, the prosecuting garda told Judge Lindsay.


The group of people refused and Kinsella was seen hitting a man in her company.

She hit the man on the side of the head and gardai arrested her, the prosecuting garda said.

The man Kinsella hit was uninjured and declined to make an assault complaint.

Kinsella had since apologised for what happened, her lawyer said.

The court heard Kinsella had gone into the city centre, had a few drinks and was "very drunk" when gardai arrived.

"Her boyfriend was the person who got the slap in he face because he was trying to move her on as well," Kinsella's lawyer said.

She thought she could "deal with it herself" when she sobered up, her lawyer added.

Kinsella had a number of previous convictions.

She apologised to the court for her behaviour on the night of the incident.

The accused had also contacted the gardai to apologise for what she had done, her lawyer said.

Judge Lindsay applied the Probation Act, meaning Kinsella was left without a recorded conviction.

He also assigned free legal aid following an application by her lawyer and no objections by the gardai.

She did not address the court during the hearing.

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