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Son had Swiss army knife and syringes

A DUBLIN man who had a Swiss army knife when gardai arrested him for a public order offence outside his mother's house has been given a two-month suspended sentence.

Anthony Nolan (41) had been drinking and failed to move on when gardai asked him to do so.

Suspending the sentence, Judge David McHugh remarked that the defendant had been "more of a nuisance than anything else".

Nolan, of Cardiffsbridge Road, Finglas, pleaded guilty to failing to obey garda directions and unlawful possession of a knife at Cardiffsbridge Road on October 3, 2012.

Garda David Sheffield told Blanchardstown District Court he came across the accused and arrested him after directing him several times to leave the area.

Nolan was brought to Finglas Garda Station where gardai found a Swiss army knife, a needle and two syringes on him.