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Sister of feud killers attacked garda in booze-fuelled assault


Christine Keogh at court

Christine Keogh at court

Christine Keogh at court

A sister of Kinahan feud murderers Jonathan and Regina Keogh kicked a garda in the face in an alcohol-fuelled street attack.

Christine Keogh (45) had been told to move on by officers during a public order disturbance when she "singled out" a female garda and assaulted her, a court heard.

Keogh had been attending her brother and sister's trial every day at the time of the incident, there was a threat to her own life and she was under "phenomenal pressure" when she lashed out at the garda.

Judge Bryan Smyth adjourned the case and said she could avoid jail if she pays €1,000 compensation - which the garda wants to be donated to charity.

Keogh, of Avondale House, North Cumberland Street, in the north inner city, pleaded guilty to common assault and assault causing harm to Garda Caroline Purcell, as well as failing to obey garda directions.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to deal with a public order disturbance at Mountjoy Square on July 9 last year.

Keogh, who had been on a bench drinking, resisted Gda Purcell and kicked her twice in the head and face. She was pepper-sprayed and "kept lashing out".

One of the kicks caused soft tissue injuries but the garda had since fully recovered, the court heard.


Gda Purcell gave a victim impact statement, saying Keogh intentionally targeted her and "singled her out" for physical and verbal abuse on the night.

It was not a single act and she said Keogh had continued her abusive behaviour after she was arrested. The garda said she had never received an apology.

However, the court heard Keogh had approached her to apologise on the morning of the hearing.

Gda Purcell said she did not believe that the pressure Keogh was under excused her behaviour. The accused had a very responsible job and the court's decision could have an impact on her career, her solicitor Emer O'Sullivan said.

At the time, Jonathan (33) and Regina Keogh (41) were on trial at the Special Criminal Court for the gun murder of Gareth Hutch.

The pair, along with co-accused Thomas Fox (31), were found guilty and are serving life sentences for the killing.

Christine Keogh had been attending the trial and had been under extreme pressure, Ms O'Sullivan said.

There had been a "very real and genuine threat" to her life and two weeks previously her car was burnt out.

Keogh's brother Michael had also been recently murdered. She had been attending counselling throughout the period.

Judge Smyth said he appreciated the pressure the accused had been under but her behaviour was "inexcusable".

Adjourning the case to July 12, he said he would consider a suspended sentence if €1,000 was paid. He directed a sum of €100 should go toward the garda's medical costs.

Meanwhile, another sister, Mary Keogh (36), from King's Inn Street, admitted threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour, garda obstruction and failing to obey garda directions in the same incident. She was not charged with assault.

Judge Smyth adjourned her case to April 24 and said he would apply the Probation Act if she donated €300 to charity.

Neither Christine nor Mary Keogh had any involvement in the Gareth Hutch murder case.

They also have no involvement in the Kinahan/Hutch feud.