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Shop worker stamped on teen's head, court told

A SHOP assistant threw a teenager to the ground and stamped so hard on his head the boy lost consciousness and began to suffer a seizure, a court heard.

It is alleged that Gaofeng Liao (29) had "lost his cool" over the attempted shoplifting of a sandwich when he attacked the 15-year-old, beating him about the head with a walkie talkie before pushing him to the ground.


Two of the boy's friends were attempting to carry out the theft when the alleged victim pushed the accused, who then chased after him and assaulted him, gardai said.

A passing doctor went to administer first aid to the boy, who subsequently had to attend a neurosurgical consultant in hospital.

A judge adjourned the case against Liao after requesting clarification of medical evidence, as well as the presence in court of the alleged victim and guardian.

Dublin District Court heard the boy had suffered abrasions to the head, but no lasting ill-effects from the incident.

Liao, with an address at Market Square Gardens, Green Street, Dublin 7 is charged with assault causing harm to the boy at the shop at College Green on September 1, 2011.

Garda Barry Keegan told the court that two boys aged 13 and 14 -- a brother and friend of the alleged victim -- entered the shop with the intention of stealing a sandwich.

The accused, who was working as cashier, challenged the two younger boys when the 15-year-old pushed him from behind.

It was alleged that the accused turned to grab the boy, who ran out of the shop.

"He chased him on to the footpath, grabbed the injured party and struck him to the head with the device he was holding," Garda Keegan alleged.


"He pushed the injured party to the ground and while he was on the ground, he stamped on him at least twice. One of the stamps was to the head," he said.

The court heard the boy lost consciousness for five minutes and suffered an associated seizure. He was taken by ambulance to hospital and gardai were called to the scene.