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Settlement in GAA boys row

A SETTLEMENT has been reached in a High Court action by two schoolboys who claimed they might have to give up football because the GAA would not let them play for the club they love.

A new vote is to be taken by the Kerry County Committee on July 11 on whether Padraic (14) and Colin (8) O'Sullivan should be given a derogation from a GAA rule which requires that people can only play for the parish they live in.

The boys had been told they could only play for Firies GAA club, though they live less than a mile from the Listry club.

Doubts over cavemen's age

An ancestor of modern humans may have became extinct earlier than thought.

Homo erectus, a direct ancestor of Homo sapiens, migrated out of Africa 1.8 million years ago. Until now the species was thought to have survived until as recently as 35,000 years ago.

New excavations indicate that Homo erectus was extinct by at least 143,000 years ago, throwing into doubt the "Out of Africa" hypothesis which holds that modern humans first became evolved in Africa.