Monday 11 December 2017

Security man sues An Post over tiger kidnapping ordeal in GPO

Jimmy Bishop used a codeword to alert gardai Picture: Collins
Jimmy Bishop used a codeword to alert gardai Picture: Collins

An An Post security man has sued for an alleged failure by the company to have safe system of work in place arising out of the tiger kidnapping of a colleague's family.

The action, seeking damages for personal injury, has been brought by Jimmy Bishop, who works in the GPO in Dublin City Centre as a "patrolman".

The case arises out of the Tiger kidnapping of the family of Liam O'Sullivan, an executive with An Post, on April 7, 2011.

That morning Mr Richardson came to the GPO and instructed Mr Bishop to let him into the mail room area.

It transpired that Mr O'Sullivan wanted access to the mail room so he could secure cash and give it to kidnappers who were holding members of Mr O'Sullivan's family.

The court heard Mr Bishop (55), after being told the kidnappers had a gun to the head of Mr O'Sullivan's wife, let the executive into the mail room.

Mr Bishop used a codeword to colleagues to alert them of the situation, and the gardai were called to the GPO.

In his evidence he said that for several hours after the incident he believed that Mr O'Sullivan's wife was "going to die" and "it was my fault because "I had given out the codeword."

In his action, Mr Bishop claims that when he implemented the crisis code word, An Post failed to provide any adequate risk assessment or timely response to prevent a foreseeable danger.

An Post, it is claimed, ought to have known about the likelihood of a tiger kidnapping, but failed to have a comprehensive response in place so that all members of staff would know their particular roles if such an event occurred.


The company also failed to provide him with adequate counselling after the incident, it is claimed.

An Post denies the claims

Mr O'Sullivan, Mr Bishop said, had a mobile phone given to him by the kidnappers and every 15 minutes the criminals would call him.

At one point he said Mr O'Sullivan said the kidnappers asked if Mr Bishop would speak to them, but Mr Bishop said he declined. He described the situation as tense.

The case continues.

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