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Secretary who stole from boss wants more time to repay €5k


Jenny Moran stole the money ‘to pay her bills’, court heard

Jenny Moran stole the money ‘to pay her bills’, court heard

Jenny Moran stole the money ‘to pay her bills’, court heard

A bathroom company secretary who stole more than €5,000 from her employer has been given two weeks for a "definitive answer" on when she will pay compensation.

Mother-of-three Jenny Mor-an (31) took the money in small sums by putting cash refunds on to her own debit card over a 16-month period while she was working in administration for the firm.

Blanchardstown District Court heard Moran took the money not for enrichment but to pay her bills.

The defendant, of Druid Court, Ballymun, had pleaded guilty to multiple counts of theft at Project Tile Design, Damastown Industrial Estate, Mulhuddart, on dates between May 2015 and August 2016.

Her case was heard last year and adjourned for compensation, but when it came back before the court, Judge David McHugh heard only €550 had been paid.


The accused had taken part in a restorative justice programme, as directed.

The court heard Moran was now working as a temporary secretary for another firm.

Defence barrister Jennifer Jackson said the reason for the delay was simply that "the funds weren't available" and Moran was doing her best.

Judge McHugh said the acc-used was "effectively impecunious". She had paid just over 10pc of the compensation, leaving a "considerable hole".

Ms Jackson said she was willing to pay the money and had offered a direct debit. The difficulty, she said, was time.

Judge McHugh adjourned the case to a date next month and said he wanted a "definitive answer" then.

The court also heard Moran had been co-operative, made early and full admissions to the thefts and was at a low risk of re-offending.