Saturday 19 January 2019

Roaring man threw fruit in supermarket

A YOUNG man arrested for hurling fruit around a supermarket had flown into a rage because he believed staff had assaulted his girlfriend.

Gareth Bradshaw (21) was convicted of causing criminal damage to the fruit and other shop stock in a drink-fuelled episode in Dublin city centre.

A court heard his girlfriend was crying hysterically, but gardai could find no evidence that anyone had assaulted her.

Judge Ann Watkin put him on a peace bond for a year.

Bradshaw, of Valley Park Road, Finglas South, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage at the Fresh store in Parnell Street on October 7 last year.

He also admitted causing a breach of the peace in a separate incident at St Alphonsus Road, Drumcondra, on February 13 2010. Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to the shop at 12am.

The accused alleged a member of staff had assaulted his girlfriend and started throwing fruit and bottles.


Some items, including a bottle of oil, were smashed and the fruit was damaged.

The prosecuting garda described the scene as "volatile". The accused's girlfriend was upset and crying, but had no sign of having been assaulted.

"(His girlfriend) was hysterical and we couldn't see a reason why a member of staff in the shop would assault a female," the garda said. In the earlier incident, in Drumcondra, the defendant had a disagreement with bar staff in Quinn's pub at 12.50am.

When gardai arrived, Bradshaw was outside, "roaring and shouting at the top of his voice". He was arrested and eventually calmed down, a garda said. The defendant had two previous convictions, for drunk driving and a public order offence.

Defence Barrister Cathal O Braonain said Bradshaw had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had been getting treatment since last October.

"Mixing medication with alcohol would lead to situations such as these," Mr O Braonain said.

The court heard he had €20 in compensation for the €11 worth of damage he caused.


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