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Rival thugs snigger at feud shooting victim's brother in courthouse


Mark Kavanagh (left) and Luke Maguire outside court

Mark Kavanagh (left) and Luke Maguire outside court

Mark Kavanagh (left) and Luke Maguire outside court

A sinister campaign of harassment by leading figures in the Drogheda feud continued when young thugs went to a court hearing to "snigger" at their bitter rivals.

The incident happened at Drogheda District court last Friday, when a brother of a man who was shot in the latest feud attack was given a suspended sentence for being in possession of a number of weapons in a separate incident.

Luke Maguire (38), whose brother Brendan was badly injured in an unrelated botched murder attempt two weeks ago, and his friend Mark Kava- nagh (30) said they had no intention of using the steel baseball bat and pickaxe handles as they were in the boot of their vehicle.

Kavanagh was also given a suspended sentence for the same offence.

Brendan Maguire (40) is in a stable condition in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital following a number of operations after he was targeted in a daylight gun attack at the M1 Retail Park in Drogheda on February 26.

Sources said he has been in "constant communication" with his paralysed younger brother Owen (35), who is being treated in a different ward after he was shot by the same gang last July.

Gardai are aware of the latest taunting incident at the courthouse but have made no arrests in relation to it.

"What happened in the court is similar to a number of taunting incidents over the last few days in which the anti-Maguire faction have been driving by the other crew and basically just slagging them and giving them verbal abuse," a senior source said.


Last week, the Herald revealed that the anti-Maguire faction, which is linked to some of the capital's most dangerous northside drugs gangs, arranged for "hubcaps for a wheelchair" to be delivered to one of Owen Maguire's closet associates.

"This was done to completely antagonise the Maguire faction - they've left that man in a wheelchair because of his injuries, but they want his crew to know they're not going away," the source added.

"They sent on hubcaps for a wheelchair to one of Owen Maguire's best pals - it was delivered to his home as a p**s take but also as a reminder that they are delighted for his plight - there's serious hatred there."

Drogheda District Court heard this week that shooting victim Brendan Maguire was also alleged to have been in the vehicle with his other brother, Luke, and pal Kavanagh when the weapons were found last October.

Brendan has been charged with the same offence. However, his case was adjourned until a later date.

The court heard the vehicle was leaving Cement Road, Drogheda, on Halloween when it was stopped by the Armed Support Unit, which the Herald can reveal was patrolling the area as the feud threatened to spiral out of control.

A search of the vehicle was conducted and a metal baseball bat and two pickaxe handles were found in the boot of the vehicle.

Judge John Coughlan imposed two-month sentences on Luke Maguire and Kavanagh - who have no serious previous convictions - and suspended the sentences.