Monday 10 December 2018

Rickshaw-driving drug dealer caught in sting operation

Kleber Fadoni was offered ‘an opportunity he regrets taking’
Kleber Fadoni was offered ‘an opportunity he regrets taking’

A rickshaw driver who turned to dealing drugs to pay his bills while living in Dublin was caught in an undercover operation by gardai.

Kleber Fadoni (35) was arrested for dealing ecstasy, and then caught again less than three months after he was charged and bailed. He had more than €1,000 of ecstasy and cannabis in his possession.

Fadoni, of Clontarf Road, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs with intent to sell or supply.

Judge Michael Walsh jailed him for two months and gave him another four-month suspended sentence.

Dublin District Court heard gardai taking part in a plain-clothes operation on August 31 were offered drugs for sale and were taken to a group of rickshaw drivers.

A garda handed over €30 to Fadoni for three ecstasy tablets.

The accused was arrested again at Grafton Street on November 4.


When taken to Pearse Street Garda Station, he handed over the substances that were in his possession.

The court heard the drugs were found to be €910 of ecstasy, €324 of cannabis and a small amount of cocaine, valued at €3.64.

Fadoni was from Brazil and had travelled to Ireland eight months ago to study. He was working as a rickshaw driver but was not making enough money and was offered an "opportunity which he very much regrets taking", his lawyer said.

He had no previous convictions and had been in custody since his arrest in November.

"This is a very serious matter," Judge Walsh said.

"He is in this country for eight months and has been involved in drug dealing since he arrived."

The judge noted that the two offences had happened within a short time and the defendant was on bail when he was caught the second time.

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