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Quinn in-laws also claim €2k a week

THE Quinn in-laws want the High Court to grant them €100,000 a year each in living expenses.

It's not just the children of Sean Quinn who are facing questions about what they do with their money.

Their spouses are now also coming into the spotlight -- as is a mystery woman called Noreen Mary Maguire.

In-laws Stephen Kelly and Niall McPartland are seeking €2,000 a week each to meet daily costs.

The court heard details of money paid to members of the Quinn family and their partners over the past 15 months.

Since April 2011, they have received payments purporting to be salaries for work allegedly done for Russian companies.

Solicitor Stephen Kelly, husband of Sean Quinn's daughter Aoife, received €260,000, while Ciara's husband, Niall McPartland, received €281,048

Sean Quinn Jnr's wife Karen received more than €320,000 in salaries from Russian companies in the year leading up to her glitzy marriage last May.

Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC), formerly AIB, told the court there is no explanation as to what has been done with this money.

It is also querying the transfer for ¤10 of 100,000 shares in subsidiaries of the Quinns' international property company, Quinn Investments Sweden, to a woman called Noreen Mary Maguire.

The bank said it does not know who Ms Maguire is.

IBRC is seeking disclosure orders against a number of offshore companies.

Sean Quinn Jnr was jailed for three months last Friday for breaking court orders not to interfere with the Quinn family's €500m international property portfolio.

Peter Darragh Quinn, his cousin and former head of the family's International Property Group (IPG), was also jailed for three months, but did not turn up in court and a bench warrant for his arrest was issued.

High Court judge Mr Justice Peter Kelly said he will require a lot more information before sanctioning day-to-day living expenses for the family.

The case continued today.