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'Psycho O'Reilly must never be released', says Rachel's grieving dad


Rose and Jim Callaly

Rose and Jim Callaly

Rose and Jim Callaly

The parents of murdered Rachel Callaly are hoping her "psychopathic" killer, who they branded a danger to society, is never released from prison.

Joe O'Reilly was sentenced to life in 2007 for the murder of his wife at their home in Naul.

He is due next month for a hearing on his application for parole, something Rachel's family are strongly against.

Jim and Rose Callaly said they "hoped to God" he never gets out because "we know what he is capable of".

Speaking yesterday to RTE's Sean O'Rourke, Rose said she felt O'Reilly had a life while Rachel didn't.


Jim, who has written to the Parole Board , described O'Reilly as a psychopath.

"I thought several times I would lose my sanity, the devastating effect it had on Rose and our children," he said.

"He is a very devious and dangerous person and should never be let out of prison.

"He re-enacted the murder scene in front of us and that's what he gets his kicks out of."

That was only two days after their daughter's funeral when O'Reilly persuaded Jim and Rose to go to the house and re-enacted what the murderer must have done.


Their daughter Rachel with her killer husband, Joe O’Reilly

Their daughter Rachel with her killer husband, Joe O’Reilly

Their daughter Rachel with her killer husband, Joe O’Reilly

It was at that point that Rose said she no longer had any doubt he had murdered her daughter.

"Walking out of that house, I had no doubts whatsoever that he was the murderer, but it was very early on," she said.

"And when I would say it to Jim he would get very, very upset because he just couldn't put Joe with doing that, so it was a good while before he accepted it."

The couple are unhappy that they are not allowed to go before the Parole Board for the hearing, whereas O'Reilly can.

"I'd just like to see his face and what he was going to put forward and what reason he would give," said Rose.

She also said it would make a difference to her if O'Reilly admitted what he had done to Rachel.

"It would bring me some sort of solace," she said.

However, Jim said he thought O'Reilly would admit what he had done only in an effort to get out of prison.

"It might be no harm if he did, but he thinks he doesn't want to admit to his sons that he killed their mother," he said.

Rachel's badly-beaten body was found in the bedroom of her home by her mother in October 2004.

During the investigation into the murder, O'Reilly appeared to discuss her death on RTE's Late Late Show.

In July 2007, he was found guilty of murder by a Central Criminal Court jury and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Rachel died from blunt-force trauma to the head, inhalation of blood, a skull fracture and brain contusion.

O'Reilly later lost an appeal against his conviction and, in May 2015, the Court of Appeal refused his application to have his conviction declared a miscarriage of justice.


Lawyers for O'Reilly then applied to the Supreme Court for leave to appeal against that decision.

It was contended that the Court of Appeal paid insufficient regard to O'Reilly's argument that he did not sufficiently appreciate the significance of the book of evidence, or any portion of it, being found in the jury room.

However, the Supreme Court refused to permit O'Reilly a further appeal.