Wednesday 13 December 2017

Pizza man grabbed woman and falsely accused her of theft before finding his phone in his car

TV ads for food such as pizza are to be banned before 6pm from September 2
TV ads for food such as pizza are to be banned before 6pm from September 2

A PIZZA delivery man assaulted a woman he thought had stolen his phone - before he found the phone in his car.

Raymund Caranay (47) stood in front of the woman, blocked her path and repeatedly accused her of taking his phone.

The victim said she had "not been the same" since.

Judge Anne Watkin found Caranay guilty of assault, but said she would leave him without a conviction if he donated €500 to the victim and €500 to the Irish Cancer Society.

The defendant had denied assaulting Debbie Quinlivan at Ashlawn Park in Ballybrack, Dublin on June 27, 2013.

Ms Quinlivan said she was walking home with her groceries when Caranay ran up behind her and started screaming at her that she had taken his mobile phone.

She said Caranay then emptied out her shopping, but didn't find the phone. He then started waving his hands around and grabbed her shoulder.

Ms Quinlivan said Caranay "frightened the life out of her" and she has been "really bad with nerves ever since".


She said it was not very nice to be falsely accused of theft.

The phone was later found by Caranay, of Brock Hall, Brock Lane in Dun Laoghaire, under his car seat.

Cross-examined by barrister Marc Murphy, Ms Quinlivan denied she was "prone to exaggeration". She also denied Caranay had simply asked her politely if she had his phone, that only she was screaming, and that she emptied out the shopping onto the footpath.

Caranay told the court he was delivering a pizza and when he returned to his car he couldn't find his phone.

He said Ms Quinlivan was the only person who had walked by and he mistakenly thought she had taken the phone.

He said he ran after Ms Quinlivan, calling out: "Excuse me".

He claimed he asked her if she had taken his phone and she was the one who had emptied out her groceries.

He also denied touching her shoulder or blocking her from leaving the area.

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