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Pizza delivery man chased after car thief

A DELIVERY man whose car was taken while he was delivering a pizza chased down the culprits after they abandoned the vehicle, a court heard.

Colm Ryan (26) drove the delivery man's car a short distance down the road, then jumped out and ran away.

The delivery man got into his car and chased after Ryan and an accomplice, who were stopped by gardai.

Judge Bridget Reilly ordered a probation report and adjourned sentencing to a date in September.

The defendant, of North King Street, Dublin 7, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to stealing a car.

The incident took place at Laburnum Road in Clonskeagh on May 19.

Garda Brian Prendiville said he stopped two males who came running from Whitethorn Road.

Garda Prendiville said a motorist in a green VW Polo then came along. He was agitated and short of breath.

He complained that the two men had tried to steal his car when he was making a pizza delivery at Laburnum Road.

Garda Prendiville said the delivery man had gone to a house to deliver a pizza and Ryan and his accomplice jumped into his car.


Ryan drove his car a short distance down the road, then the pair abandoned it and ran away.

The owner then got into the vehicle and followed them.

Garda Prendiville said he identified Ryan as the driver.

The court heard Ryan has 37 previous convictions, most dating back to when he was a juvenile. Defence lawyer Kate O'Toole said Ryan had had a difficult upbringing and had been in and out of foster homes and care institutions since he was six.

Ms O'Toole said Ryan has been with his partner for 10 years and they have two young children.

Ryan is determined to give his children a different upbringing to the one he had had, she said.

The court heard the defendant has battled a problem with heroin but is stabilised on methadone and is doing his best to stay away from drugs.

In relation to this incident, Ms O'Toole said the defendant had a slip-up and the offence was opportunistic.

Judge Reilly ordered a probation report.