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Philosophy student had knife 'for own protection following threats'


Derek Curran

Derek Curran

Derek Curran

A Philosophy student who was carrying around a knife for his own protection has been given the benefit of the Probation Act.

Derek Curran (25) was allegedly being threatened by another man, who is now serving a sentence in prison and the threat no longer exists, Blanchardstown District Court heard.

Curran, of Gortmore Road, Finglas, pleaded guilty to posessing the knife on January 22.

Garda Sean Smith said Curran was a passenger in a car he stopped.

On searching Curran he located the knife in his waistband. Curran, who has eight previous convictions for road traffic offences, admitted he had the knife for protection.

Gda Smith agreed with Curran’s solicitor that the knife was not easily accessible and the defendant had it hidden.

His solicitor said the father-of-one, who is awaiting results from a philosophy and psychology course he has

completed, had been receiving death threats from another man.

“He was scared and exacerbated the situation,” the solicitor said.


He said Curran used to be homeless for a period of two years, but he had turned his life around and was now looking for work.

“This was a blip and I am in no way trying to minimise the circumstance he found himself in,” the solicitor said.

Judge David McHugh said if someone is being threatened they should go to the gardai, to which the solicitor replied “there is no longer a threat as that person is in prison”.

Judge McHugh applied the Probation Act and told Curran to go to the gardai to discuss the alleged threat further.