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Party knife accused is refused bail

A DUBLIN man allegedly walked into a house party after a guest had refused him a cigarette and waved a Stanley knife while an unidentified man shouted: "Stab them, stab them".

Derek Kavanagh (20) is alleged to have been wrestled to the ground by partygoers, one of whom suffered minor injuries from the knife.

He has been refused bail and sent for trial to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court on a weapons charge arising from the incident.

Kavanagh, of Templeview Crescent, Clarehall, is charged with producing a knife at apartments at Railway Road, Dublin 13, on April 15, 2012.

Objecting to bail, Garda Gemma Macken said it would be alleged that people were having a party in the apartment and at around 4am, two were outside having a cigarette.

She said Kavanagh shouted up at them, asking them for a cigarette, and they refused saying: "no, go away".

He asked and they refused again, then went back inside the apartment.

They were sitting round the kitchen table when, a minute later, Kavanagh allegedly walked into the apartment armed with a knife.

The front door had been closed but not locked and Kavanagh began waving around a Stanley knife, it was alleged.


Another unknown man was allegedly behind him, shouting: "Go, stab them, stab them."

The people in the house tackled the accused, held him on the ground and called the gardai, it is alleged.

He was overcome and one of the people sustained superficial wounds to the hand from the knife during the struggle.

Applying for bail, Kavanagh's solicitor said his client was prepared to abide by conditions, including living at his grandmother's address and observing a curfew.

The solicitor asked Garda Macken if it was the case that Kavanagh was allegedly looking for a light when a can was thrown at him and his cheek was cut.

"I was told that this morning," the garda replied.

The garda confirmed that she had no difficulties with the accused's address or identity but she maintained her objection to bail.

The court heard that Kavanagh's grandmother was very ill and had finished cancer treatment.

The presiding judge refused bail and a book of evidence was served on the defendant.

After giving him the formal alibi warning, the judge sent him for trial to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.