Sunday 22 April 2018

Party host hurled drunken abuse as gardai pulled plug

George Graham
George Graham

A householder who hosted a residents' street party that ran into the early hours of the morning hurled drunken abuse at gardai when they came to shut it down.

George Graham (42) was running the bash that went over time when officers arrived to find plastic road barriers in place, an outdoor gas heater and a DJ still playing on the street.

Judge David McHugh told him he could avoid a conviction if he made a €300 contribution to charity and adjourned the case for six months.

Graham, a technical trainer from Westbourne Green, Clondalkin, was charged with public intoxication and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour during the incident.

Sgt Geraldine McManigan said the incident happened at 3.45am on June 11.

The accused was out on the street after hosting a party there. There were plastic barriers, a gas heater and DJ and band still playing music, which was keeping people up, she said.


Gardai arrived and asked the defendant to pack up and he refused, becoming abusive and attempting to prevent them from taking the bollards off the public road.

The bollards were not supp-osed to be there, Sgt McManigan said.

Graham told Judge McHugh he disagreed that he was abusive but was pleading guilty to "get the matter over with".

He said he accepted they should not have been out on the road that late.

"It was for the community, not just for me," he said.

"It was a street party for all the residents. It did run too late, I don't disagree with that. I do disagree with the manner in which the gardai dealt with it."

"You can't have it both sides of the fence," said Judge McHugh, asking him if he wanted to change his plea. Graham maintained his guilty plea.

Judge McHugh adjourned the case to February 8 and said he would strike the charge out if the money was paid to charity.

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