Thursday 23 January 2020

'Paranoid' man had blade and home-made shank for safety

Gavin Mangan thought he had issues with some individuals
Gavin Mangan thought he had issues with some individuals

A man had a Stanley blade and an improvised shank for his own safety as he falsely thought he was having problems with certain people, a court heard.

Gavin Mangan (42) now realised the issues were just paranoia, his lawyer said.

Judge Dermot Dempsey ordered Mangan to complete 240 hours of community service in lieu of two months in prison.

The defendant, of Brecan Close, Balbriggan, admitted possession of a Stanley blade and a nail with tape around it.

Garda Paul McGeough told Swords District Court he was on mobile patrol at Drogheda Street, Balbriggan, last April 29 when Mangan was stopped for the purposes of a search.

On the way to Balbriggan Garda Station, Mangan told gardai he had two sharp objects hidden in the waistband of his trousers.

Gda McGeough said one was a Stanley blade while the second was an improvised shank, consisting of a nail with tape around it.


Gda McGeough said Mangan told him he had them for his own protection.

The court heard Mangan most recently served a lengthy sentence for attempted robbery.

Defence lawyer Annette Kealy said Mangan had the items because he thought he was having issues with some individuals in Balbriggan.

In hindsight, Ms Kealy said Mangan realised he had been suffering from paranoia, and he had no real issues with anyone.

She said the defendant served a lengthy sentence and was released from prison in 2016. He struggled to readjust to life on the outside, but had made mammoth steps to address his problems.

She said Mangan was in poor health, and it was suspected he had cancer of the lung.

He had not used the articles, Ms Kealy added.

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