Tuesday 24 April 2018

'Outraged' banker hit Luas inspector in fare dodge claim

A bank worker who was "outraged" at being accused of fare-dodging on a Luas tram assaulted the inspector by slapping him in the face, a court has heard.

Mother-of-three Adebanke Oluborode (45) lost her temper and hit the inspector after she was "called a thief" as she walked away from a south city centre Green Line stop.

Dublin District Court was told she had swiped her card entitling her to travel and "took huge umbrage" at being accused of not paying her fare.

Judge Michael Walsh said there were "extenuating circumstances" in the case and told the accused he would strike it out, leaving her without a criminal record, if she paid €200 to charity. He adjourned the case for two months.

Oluborode, of Bayside Walk, Sutton, pleaded guilty to assaulting the inspector at the Charlemont stop.


Gda Sgt Gail Smith said Oluborode had been accused of not paying a fare on April 26.

She then shouted at the inspector and slapped him across the face. He was not injured and Oluborode had no previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Claire Barry said the accused was well-educated and had a job in a bank.

The incident arose when she had "tagged on" for the tram with her travel card and was accused by the staff of not having done so, Ms Barry said.

As she was walking away, she was called a thief and took "huge umbrage" at this.

She turned around and asked: "Why are you calling me a thief?"

The accused lost her temper, Ms Barry said.

The court heard Oluborode was shaking, panicked and embarrassed immediately after the assault.

It was "totally out of character" for her and she apologised.

Judge Walsh said Oluborode seemed to have been lawfully entitled to travel on the Luas and was accused of theft.

"She was clearly outraged to be accused," he added.

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