Sunday 26 May 2019

Nightclub assault case struck out after web designer pays €2,500


Rory Sturdy
Rory Sturdy

A WEB designer who punched another man until he lost consciousness in a row in a Dublin nightclub has been left without a criminal record after paying €2,500 in compensation.

Rory Sturdy (35) had been speaking to the man's girlfriend when an argument broke out over spilled drinks and Sturdy punched him repeatedly in the head.

Dublin District Court heard the victim suffered temporary hearing loss as a result.

Judge John Coughlan struck out an assault charge after hearing that the accused had paid compensation.

Sturdy, of Rathflesk, Rath- moylan, Co Meath, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to the man at Everleigh Garden, Harcourt Street, on September 29, 2013.

The court had previously heard that the victim had been standing at the bar with his girlfriend when the accused came over and began talking to her.

Sturdy knocked his drink from his hand, and he in turn knocked over the accused's drink, Sgt Peter Seery told the court.

The defendant lunged at the man, "took him to the ground" and punched him on the head several times.


The man lost consciousness for several seconds and suffered a cut to his left ear and bruising over his left cheek and eye.

He suffered temporary hearing loss, but there were no long-term injuries.

The victim made a full recovery and suffered no lasting after-effects. Sturdy had no previous convictions.

Defence solicitor Stephen O'Mahony said he had "some issue" with the facts as presented, but accepted the substance of the assault itself.

He added that it had begun with a minor incident that developed into a scuffle on the ground and the defendant accepted he had thrown the first blow.

"Clearly, my client was very intoxicated," Mr O'Mahony said.

"He was in the wrong, but there were two of them in it initially and Mr Sturdy escalated what happened."

The defendant was living in Geneva and returned to Ireland for all court dates. Mr O'Mahony said the gardai had regarded the incident as a once-off.

Work colleagues had submitted testimonials on Sturdy's behalf. The court also heard he did "a lot of charity work".

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