Wednesday 23 January 2019

'Neighbour threatened to wipe out my family', claims Dublin grandad

Gerard Furlong said he suffered severe anxiety after being attacked by his neighbour Peter Lambe in Drumcondra (Pic: CourtPix)
Gerard Furlong said he suffered severe anxiety after being attacked by his neighbour Peter Lambe in Drumcondra (Pic: CourtPix)

A Dublin grandfather has been granted injunctions in the Circuit Civil Court against a "terrifying" neighbour who allegedly brutally attacked him and threatened to "wipe out his family".

Safety officer Gerard Furlong claimed that last March he had been outside his home at Arran Road, Drumcondra, when he was approached by neighbour Peter Lambe, who said in an "extremely aggressive" manner that "he wanted to talk".

Mr Furlong alleged he felt intimidated and unsafe and told Lambe, a man in his 40s who lives at Arran Road, he did not want to speak with him.

The court heard Mr Lambe then tried to head-butt Mr Furlong and grab his shirt.


Mr Furlong had fallen while trying to escape, and Mr Lambe had repeatedly punched and kicked him in his head and face with his fists and elbow.

Barrister Matthew Jolley, for Mr Furlong, told the court that the gardai were called by a neighbour and his client, who was bleeding, was taken to the Emergency Department of the Mater Hospital in Dublin.

Mr Jolley said Mr Furlong suffered significant swelling and cuts to the right side of his face, a broken tooth, numbness in his upper right lip and soft tissue injuries.

He had been physically and emotionally distressed.

Mr Furlong claimed he suffered severe anxiety after the alleged attack and felt unsafe when outside the front of his home.

He alleged he suffers from depressive symptoms and needs to lock his car doors as he gets in.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane heard that, out of fear for his and his family's safety, Mr Furlong had installed a CCTV recording camera outside his home and made a formal complaint to gardai.

He had then instructed Murray Flynn Maguire solicitors, who issued civil proceedings against Lambe.

The court heard criminal proceedings are also being considered.

Mr Jolley said about a month ago, Mr Furlong was walking with his two-year-old grandson when Mr Lambe approached them and said in an intimidating manner to "get the f****** camera off" his house.

Counsel said after Mr Furlong had told Mr Lambe the camera was not looking at his house, the neighbour had told his client he "should drop all this legal and court s***" and "if anything was to happen, he would wipe out his family".

Mr Jolley told the court that Mr Furlong had been in shock and in fear for his grandchild's safety and had called gardai.

The court heard on another occasion Mr Lambe had also intimidated and falsely imprisoned Mr Furlong's wife, Noreen, who has issued separate proceedings.


Counsel said Mr Furlong had been terrified by the brutal attacks and the threats and, "given the urgency of the matter", was now looking for injunctions against Mr Lambe pending the hearing of the legal action.

Mr Jolley said Mr Lambe had been on notice of the application but had been trying to avoid service of the court proceedings.

He did not appear in court on Friday.

Judge Linnane granted Mr Furlong a temporary injunction restraining Mr Lambe from intimidating, harassing, using or threatening violence against him and his family.

She also granted an order restraining Mr Lambe from approaching within 10 feet of the Furlongs' property, except to access his own property.

Judge Linnane directed that, "given the seriousness of the matter", Mr Lambe be served personally with the court proceedings.

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