Monday 18 December 2017

'My brother is responsible for killing', says murder accused

Sabrina (pictured) and Kenneth Cummins are both accused of murder
Sabrina (pictured) and Kenneth Cummins are both accused of murder

A Dublin woman on trial accused of the murder of a 63-year-old man has admitted punching and kicking the deceased but told a jury that her brother is responsible for his death.

Kenneth Cummins (28) and Sabrina Cummins (37), with an address at Ringsend Park, Dublin 4, have both pleaded not guilty to murdering Thomas Horan (63) at Cambridge Court, Ringsend on January 6 last year.

Taking to the stand yesterday, Sabrina Cummins continued to give evidence and told the Central Criminal Court jury she had no part to play in a plastic bag and belt used on Mr Horan but she did kick and punch him.


"There was a white clear plastic bag on his face, he (Kenneth) was trying to smother him with it.

"He (Kenneth) put the belt around Tom's neck and started pulling it. I had no part in the belt or the bag and I didn't stab Tom with any knife," said Ms Cummins to defence counsel Mr Blaise O'Carroll.

"Was there any question of you punching Mr Horan?" asked Mr O'Carroll.

"Maybe once," she said.

"Any question of you kicking Mr Horan?" asked the barrister.

"I kicked him once but it wasn't hard. I kicked him because I was just angry," said Ms Cummins.

The court heard how it was Ms Cummins who called the gardai.

The defence counsel asked his client why did she ring the gardai that night as opposed to leaving and not telling anybody?

"It would be wrong to do that, if I just left Tom there for someone else to find. I called the gardai and did the decent thing, I waited for the gardai," said Ms Cummins.

Mr O'Carroll then put it to his client that the prosecution are saying she "murdered" Mr Horan and what did she have to say to this?

"It's not true," she said.

Mr O'Carroll then asked Ms Cummins who was "responsible" for the death of Mr Horan?

"My brother Kenneth," she answered.

In cross-examination prosecution counsel, Mr Remy Farrell SC, put it to Ms Cummins that she went to Mr Horan's bedsit that night to get money.

"That is untrue," said Ms Cummins.

The cross examination of Sabrina Cummins continues tomorrow afternoon.

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