Saturday 16 December 2017

Musician turned to selling drugs after 'whirlwind romance' ended

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A musician caught selling cannabis out of lunchboxes was trying to get back into college after a "whirlwind romance" turned sour for him, a court heard.

Felipe Dos Santos (30) was arrested with €600 of the drug on a Dublin street after returning to Ireland from the Netherlands when his three-month marriage broke up.

Dos Santos, from Brazil but with an address at Summerhill Parade in the north inner city, pleaded guilty to possession of the drug for sale or supply.

Judge Anthony Halpin adjourned the case to give the accused time to regularise his immigration status in the country before he decides on a penalty.

Dos Santos had no prior convictions and the judge said it was a "tragic story".

Dublin District Court heard gardai were on patrol at North William Street on May 5, 2017, when they saw the accused in a drugs transaction with another man and stopped him.

Dos Santos admitted he had sold cannabis worth €50 to the man and when searched he was found to have two lunchboxes full of cannabis herb in his backpack.


The drugs had a total value of €600.

The accused was from Rio and had come to Ireland to seek "better opportunities," his lawyer said.

He met a girl here in July 2015, and married her after a "whirlwind romance".

They moved to the Netherlands, but the accused found it hard to integrate there.

The couple broke up after three months and, while he still held out hope they would get back together, she "got pregnant by another gentleman".

Dos Santos returned to Ireland and his status in the country has been illegal since 2015.

The court heard his sale of cannabis was to friends for a slightly increased value and was not a "business operation".

He was a talented musician and was able to play the bass guitar, piano and violin.

"It's a tragic story with regard to his involvement in a relationship, which he genuinely thought would bear fruit, but it didn't work out in Holland for him and now he is back here picking up the crumbs," the judge said.

"This seems to be the type of offence that seems to flourish in the music industry itself."

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