Wednesday 23 January 2019

Murder has blackened our hearts -- nurse's mum

THE heartbroken parents of murdered nurse Loredana Pricajan have told how their life without their only child "means nothing".

Their comments were read out in court as Romanian Mihalache Marian was found guilty of murdering the 35-year-old nurse on January 28, 2010.

Marian, who had pleaded not guilty to the murder, was jailed for life after a jury found the 49-year-old guilty by unanimous verdict.

Mia and Pasu Pricajan had travelled to Ireland for the trial. Loredana was their only child and this was the first time they had left their village in rural Romania. However they were forced to return home before the verdict after running out of medication.

The couple, who revealed how attending the trial had been "very traumatic", described how Loredana had been "the light of our lives."

"Her death caused us great sadness and our health has also been affected, so much so that we are both on various medications.


"Our daughter's death changed us immensely; we are not the people we used to be. Now, in our old age, when she was our biggest help in every way, morally and financially, we are left on our own.

"Our life without Loredana means nothing. She was our only child," they said through a victim impact statement.

"Loredana's death came as such a shock that will follow us for the rest of our lives.

"The pain we carry in our soul is so strong that it blackens our hearts the same way it blackened our clothes.

"Going to the place where her life was taken caused us an indescribable feeling of pain and also a lot of stress.

"We also found very traumatic our trip to Ireland and our presence here in court.

"Our only reason for living now is to go to her grave to bring her flowers and mourn her," concluded the statement.

The statement was read out in court by Garda Ofelia Hough on behalf of the Pricajans.


The Romanian nurse was found dead in Marian's bedroom at the Irish Management Institute in Sandyford. She had two cut-throat wounds to her neck, with both the carotid artery and spine severed.

After the verdict Brendan Grehan, defending, asked his client if he would like to say something. He stood up slowly and spoke: "I think everything has been said."

The victim's boyfriend at the time of her death said afterwards that he knew Mihalache Marian was causing problems for Ms Pricajan.

Cristian Sirbu described Ms Pricajan as a dear girl and said everyone who knew her wanted to be around her.


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